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5 things I have learned from marketing in a drop ship model


5 things I have learned from marketing in a drop ship model

There are pros and cons to having a drop ship business or any business for that matter. Yet, this article is not a drop ship bashing piece, nor a pro affiliate marketing gusher. I will only be discussing a few key marketing tactics that I used to build a brand and sell more drop shipped products.

For the last 2 years I have been the sole marketer for a large drop-ship e-commerce store and I have learned a few key things along the way. At any time there are between 30,000 and 40,000 products in our religious store. Even though these products are all related through a certain faith, it is my opinion that it is way too many products to properly give great customer service. This leads me into the first point:

Know your product and provide great customer service.

The store sells anything from statues to rosaries to communion dresses. It takes a special individual to understand the unique benefits of each product without even seeing them in person.

Over the past 2 years we ramped up the amount of products we would order to get a hands on experience with the product and learn everything there is to know about them. This not only helped the customer service department, but also was very helpful in marketing them through email, social and in creating killer product descriptions.

Find where your customers hang out

This really goes without saying in any business. Our target market is a woman that is between 45 and 65. Let me tell you one thing, she is not on Instagram, snapchat or KIK!

So I focus on where she goes to either see updates on her children or grandchildren. Facebook. She is also on Pinterest quite a bit looking up awesome DIY projects that she will never follow through on. So I not only provide her with the great DIY project content, but also an option to just buy it right now. That way she can tell all her friends that she made this fantastic custom rosary herself.

Have a marketing schedule

Staying focused is key. Not only does a good marketing schedule keep you focused, it can also spawn ideas for content marketing. I currently use Google Drive Spreadsheets to keep my schedule and share it with the team. Having all of your email & social marketing pre-scheduled feels so good and lets you focus on the things that will bring in the real money. An example would be creating some video to accent your email and social marketing instead of worrying what you are going to send out tomorrow. I try to stay 2 months ahead at least. It is liberating.

Be Unique and set your brand apart from other drop shippers

OMG everyone says this but never tells you how!!! Well I am going to tell you how. Great photography is a perfect start. Have you ever seen the PPC ads at the top off the google page? They are mostly the same because everyone uses the vendor provided photo. Order the product and take your own photos. Be creative or find someone creative that can take several photos, a lifestyle photo would be great, to set yourself apart from the rest.

The best part of having better photos is that you can have a higher price and people will still buy it because they perceive it to be a better product from the rest.

On social, create a branded look for all of your photos. Keep the same theme, or the same branded logo mark on all images. Make sure everyone knows where to get this amazing product that you spent time making look stellar.

Create amazing visual content that relates to your product

When I talk about amazing visual content, I am referencing anything from photos to short videos to vines to visual blog post walkthroughs. There is really no end to what you can create. Infographics have been popular in the past and still pull in a lot of interest. One of my best pieces started as an infographic and morphed into a blog post and a how to video. That is 3 different pieces of content from one source!

Once you start creating great content that is relevant to your product, remember not to stop! It may be a challenge, but it will benefit you in the long run to create quality content for your repeat customers.

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