Work Experience

Tidewater Management Group – 2016 to current

Director of Brand Marketing

As the Director of Brand Marketing I am in charge of all business to agent digital marketing for all of our web properties. From the branding to the VIP portal and all of the social media profiles, I manage the full brand voice at TMG.

I have accomplished my goal to create more engaging content in many different forms. I have also learned to use this content to drive warm inbound leads instead of relying on cold sales tactics.

Future Goals

As I continue to work for TMG/ Integrity Marketing Group, I will start to focus on getting better at creating successful ad campaigns in many different networks. In the world of Digital Marketing, this is still a weakness for me everyday.

Strategic Advantage – 2014 to 2016

VP of Inbound Marketing

As the VP of Inbound Marketing I was in charge of all business to customer digital marketing for three web properties. The first step was to create a full year, event based marketing plan for the Catholic Faith Store. This included a redesign of our e-commerce website, social media pages, blog, landing pages and email marketing.

After the rebranding effort, I focused on creating visual content to boost SEO and customer retention. I designed and implemented an email automation strategy around our best selling product categories and events during the year.

In the first year, we saw a 15% increase in revenue and a 10% increase in sales for the Catholic Faith Store. In 2015, we saw a 21% increase in revenue and a 16% increase in sales over 2014. This pushed The Catholic Faith Store property over the million dollar revenue line.

Goal to improve

From my experience working for Strategic, I figured out I need to get better at content creation and nurturing leads. I will be focusing on this in my next career step.

Consultwebs – 2008 to 2014

Director of Design Services – Senior Designer

In 2008, I accepted the position of web designer for Consultwebs, which is a law firm web design company. The position of designer is some what misleading in that I handled more than the design aspect of a website; I assisted in the development of the sites and the creation of content for law firms.

My learning the type of clients the law firm wanted to reach and my strength in creating effective tools and designs to attract that type of client resulted in my promotion to the Director of Design Services, where I oversaw a department of two fulltime employees and multiple contractors on a daily basis. I created all of the UI and UX wireframe strategies for our customers’ sites. As the director, I led design meetings with our clients. My excellent client communication skills resulted in my being the point of contact for many of our clients regardless of the issue. Lawyers are result-driven individuals, and my knowledge of effective conversion design was always well-received. During my time as a Director of Design, we won 4 Webby Awards including one for Best Mobile Site design.

Goal to improve

After spending 6 years at Consultwebs, I have learned a lot. My goal for improvement is to start understanding the buyer journey and focusing on campaigns, click funnels and A/B Testing.

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